English Texts

Expansion – Association – Confrontation. EUrope‘s Neighbourhood Policy, the Ukraine and the New Cold War Against Russia, Information on Politics and Society No. 11/2016

Ukraine: The Long Arm of the EU. The Association Agreement and Expansionist Policies (Translation by Paul Carline), in: Greenville Post, 22.4.2015

Global Power Europe. The hidden imperial Agenda behind the European Council, 19./20. December 2013 (with Sabine Lösing), IMI-Studie 2013/12

EUrope: Exporting Arms the Offensive Way, IMI-Studie 2013/08engl

— The EU As a Driving Force of Armament, IMI-Studie 2012/08 (update November 2012)

From Pax Americana to Pax Transatlantica? The Western Quest for Supremacy in the Era of Persistent Conflict, Information on Politics & Society No. 2/April 2010

European Offensive: How Brussels is planning to militarize the Union until 2020, IMI-Analyse 2010/010en

The NATO War in Afghanistan: Prototype for Neoliberal Nation-Building and Civil-Military Counterinsurgency, IMI-Studie 2009/02

USA and Middle East – the real agenda of the American energy policy: The Balkanization of the Region and the Coming War with Iran, IMI-Analyse 2007/06

The Contours of the New Cold War, IMI-Analyse 2007/023